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7 modern luxury interior design ideas that’ll make your future home fabulous

January 17, 2017

You’ve decided on the perfect address and purchased a dream home beyond your wildest dreams. But how do you settle on a decor scheme for all those fabulous new rooms?
It’s not easy.
With so many options available but only limited space, you’ll want to consider a few wide-sweeping luxury interior design ideas before settling on a final space plan.
After all, your home is your biggest investment, and you want it to “speak to you” when you walk through the front door.
Design experts say these are among the trends for modern luxury interior design in 2017:

1. Furniture scaled to the space: There’s nothing comfier than a giant sectional that you and several family members can sink into, but it’s not the most contemporary look. Oversized pieces make a statement, for sure, but they can easily overwhelm your (limited) living spaces.

2. Duck and cover: More and more manufacturers also are producing pieces of furniture that fold up and appliances that tuck out of sight. This Gaggenau backsplash ventilation, for example, retreats into the countertop when the cooktop isn’t in use.

3. A welcome matte: After countless seasons of stainless steel appliances, matte is where it’s at. And there are plenty of bonus reasons to choose black matte refrigerator or range, says GE: “The dark matte appearance … naturally hides fingerprints, smudges and dirt, so it’s delightfully easy to maintain.”

4. Home is where the art is: The unfinished, DIY look – while a social-media darling, just see Pinterest and Instagram – may be quirky and fun, but it’s also yesterday. 2017 is about true craftsmanship, like hand blown vases that would look at home in an art gallery, museum-quality porcelain pieces and detailed woodwork. This reflects a more eco-conscious approach to design — investing in quality over quantity and opting for the beauty of natural materials.

5. Velvet goldmine: In a world increasingly defined by technology, humans have a need for tactile experiences that are warm and soft to the touch, not cold and metallic. That’s why many designers are declaring 2017 the year of velvet. Velvet sofas, velvet drapes, even velvet on velvet (velvet throw pillows on a velvet bedspread). Velvet has a cold winter vibe, but it’s cool in the summer months, making it ideal for Southern climates, too.

6. That ‘70s showplace: If you long for the look of the Me Decade, this is the year to bring it back to the future. Designers of furniture, wallpaper, lighting and textiles have fallen in love all over again with geometric patterns, bold jewel tones and the louche vibe associated with the style icons who frequented Studio 54. Reunited and it feels so good.

7. Getting away from it all: Another overarching trend in modern luxury interior design is the desire of upscale homeowners to outfit their residence as if it were a luxury vacation home. That means choosing the best in every category. The best bed linens. The best bath towels. The best drinking glass for the nightstand. The result is a home away from home – at home!