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Miami’s Best Cigar Lounges: Ideal Places for a Luxurious Smoke

Miami’s Best Cigar Lounges: Ideal Places for a Luxurious Smoke

August 2, 2017

Cigars have long been associated with living “the good life.”

Legendary Boston Celtics coach Arnold “Red” Auerbach used to light up a “victory” cigar the instant he felt a game was in hand – even if it was still going on.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Michael Jordan are three alpha males who’ve made the image of an expensive stogie placed in their mouths – say, while conducting business or while out on the golf course – part of their personal brands.

But you need not be a world-famous star to enjoy a well-constructed cigar – especially if you live in Miami at One River Point. That’s because we have many a luxurious cigar lounge conveniently located for your smoking pleasure.

So, whether your favorite brands come from Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras or the Dominican Republic, there’s a cigar lounge in Miami ready to meet your preferences.


RUMBAR-Ritz-Carlton If you’ve got an affinity for the look and feel of pre-Castro Cuba in the 1940s, then RUMBAR is for you. The recently updated space features dark, rich woods and several contemporary design touches.

The recently updated space features dark, rich woods and several contemporary design touches. The ambience is perfect for intimate chatting – or just listening to the array of Latin music (traditional, pop and Top 40) that thumps all night long. And be sure to pair your cigar with one of RUMBAR’s superb drink options – which include nearly 90 varieties of rum, piscos and cachacas.

RUMBAR is located in the Ritz-Carlton at 415 Grand Bay Drive, Key Biscayne, FL 33149; 305-365-4500;

Casa De Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar

Casa De Montecristo By Prime Cigar & Whiskey BarThis 4,700-square-foot space – which opened in 2016 – has everything a cigar lounge lover could want. Massive walk-in humidor? Check. Selection of rare and vintage-aged cigars for true aficionados? Check. A fully stocked whiskey bar and classic setting? Check and check.

The place is open to the public but you can also opt for a membership. Either way, whenever you’re there enjoying your favorite cigars and drinks, you’ll enjoy Prime Cigar’s state-of-the-art air control system – which features 80 tons of air conditioning that perpetually replaces 100 percent of the air.

Casa De Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar is located at 1110 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33131; 786-622-2220;

C Lounge & Cigar Bar

C LOUNGE Want to feel like you’re hanging out in the kind of spot that Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin might’ve during their Rat Pack heyday? Then head to this ultra-glam waterfront spot that features a vast selection of cognacs and – if you’re so inclined – a hookah pipe.

Spending a night with a hookah pipe, cigars and cognac – it doesn’t get any more Miami than that.

C Lounge & Cigar Bar is located at 3945 N.E. 163 St., North Miami Beach, FL 33160; 305-354-9300.

Little Havana Cigar Factory

little-havana-cigar-factory Long regarded as one of the premier providers of classic Cuban cigars, this iconic establishment is not only a great spot to load up on your favorites, but also smoke them (after all, who can wait to get home when a delicious stogie is staring right at you?). Located directly on the world-famous Calle Ocho (Eighth Street), this place delivers the kind of Cuban vibe one usually has to fly 90 miles south of Florida to experience.

Little Havana Cigar Factory is located at 1501 S.W. 8 St., Miami, FL 33135; 305-541-1035;


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