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8 Good Reasons to Own a Miami Condo

8 Good Reasons to Own a Miami Condo

February 25, 2017

Why Miami?

There’s not one simple reason why people living in Miami chose to be here. Some are natives. Others may have visited friends and/or family – and decided they, too, wanted to be here permanently.

And still others may have come on vacation, or been offered a great job, or were lured by the year-round wonderful weather. Then there are those who have taken advantage of the bustling Miami condo market and bought second/vacation units in the heart of downtown.

But no matter why they’re living in Miami, they – and you – can be sure of at least one thing: There’s no better city in the world to call home! Let us look at just some of the reasons why:


Citizens from literally all over the globe have been deciding for decades that living in Miami – be it full or part-time – is the best decision they’ve ever made. Miami’s populace includes folks from every continent, so whether you’re from Europe, South America, Asia or Australia, you’ll find plenty of others who share your native tongue – and many other similar interests.


If you live in the only other states – New York and California – that have world-class cities comparable to Miami, you’ll pay A LOT MORE for it, in the guise of hefty state income taxes. Conversely, South Floridians still enjoy living in Miami, state-tax-free. Hey, there’s a reason why Miami is where countless pro athletes own second/vacation homes – whether they play for any of our home teams or not.


And speaking of sports and recreation, there’s no better place in the world to be than Miami. If you’re a fan of any professional sport – football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf – you can catch the top stars performing year-round at our area’s state-of-the-art stadiums and/or arenas. Rather participate than spectate? We’ve got you covered there as well – with literally thousands of tennis courts (in all surfaces), as well as tens of dozens of championship-level golf courses and every oceanfront form of recreation you can imagine – from jet-skiing, water-skiing and wakeboarding to boating, fishing and deep-sea scuba diving.


If there’s a cuisine you have a hankering for, trust us – you’ll find it somewhere in Miami! What’s more, many of the chefs and restaurateurs who settle in our tropical paradise tend to be of the adventurous sort – you know, the types who actually CREATE fusion cuisines. Same goes for our thriving artistic and retail communities – where the combination of chic, bohemian and cosmopolitan meld into a cutting-edge blend of the best qualities of each.


Long-time South Floridians know that Miami has always been recognized as “The Sun and Fun Capital of the World” – and that starts with our gorgeous tropical climate. After all, you can’t have the fun without the sun – and our region can offer you both in abundance. So, if you’re so much as even considering making Miami your permanent or part-time home, take a trip down here – and don’t be surprised if you never want to leave!

8 Reasons to own a condo in Miami infographic