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This is what World-class Landscape Architecture Looks Like

This is what World-class Landscape Architecture Looks Like

June 29, 2017

In real estate, you always hear the term “curb appeal” – i.e. what a property looks like from the outside.

But only in the world’s FINEST properties do you hear the term “landscape architecture” – as in the analysis, planning, design, management and nurturing of outdoor spaces. And at a world-class residence such as One River Point, only one of the world’s finest landscape architecture firms – the incomparable Sasaki Associates – would suffice.

Infusing every public outdoor area with what it calls “the transformative power of place,” Sasaki Associates will turn One River Point’s exterior into a one-of-a-kind riverfront oasis of tranquility, style and function.

Let’s take a quick look at some of this world-renowned landscape architecture firm’s previous projects.


Chicago Riverwalk

Needless to say, the Chicago Riverwalk is a world-famous setting – and created quite the challenge for Sasaki – which teamed with Ross Barney Architects, Alfred Benesch Engineers, Jacobs/Ryan Associates, and a broader technical consultant team – to accommodate a variety of ecological, engineering and aesthetic concerns (among them: The Marine Plaza; The Cove; The River Theater; The Water Plaza; The Jetty; The Riverbank). However, Sasaki proved more than up to the challenge as this 3.5-acre, three-phase project (which lasted from 2009 to 2016) has garnered kudos – both locally and globally.


With more than 4.5 million visitors annually visiting this iconic site in Washington, D.C., the challenges were numerous – and often contradictory: It had to be solemn yet celebratory; powerful yet simple; secure yet accessible … the list goes on.

However, as anyone who’s ever been to the Lincoln Memorial can attest, the surrounding areas not only complement the viewing area of the massive sculpture of the United States’ 16th President, it elevates the entire experience.


SOUTH TAIHU LAKE HUZHOU CHINAKnown the world over for its manufacturing capabilities, China also possesses a powerful agricultural sector – in fact, 13 percent of the nation’s GDP is in agriculture. So, when Sasaki signed on to create a gorgeous mixed-use space in the city of Hozhou, it did so with the idea of making the entire area attractive to both commercial investors and potential residents.

This meant, among other things, features such as test plots for agricultural research, canal-front housing, community orchards, waterfront boardwalks, wildlife wetlands, exercise trails, retention ponds and much more.


UNIVERSIDAD PANAMERICANA BOSQUE REAL CAMPUS MASTER PLANCreating a university campus is essentially the equivalent of creating a city unto itself. Thus, Sasaki became de facto city planners in the creation of this auxiliary campus that would need to accommodate some 10,000 on-site students at this mountain region addition to Mexico City’s renowned university, which was founded in 1967. Among the features that Sasaki incorporated into this utterly unique project: ravine forests; minimization of East-West-facing facades; maximization of solar exposure and open spaces; building widths minimized so as to maximize daylight and cross ventilation; solar panels to make the entire campus more energy efficient; covered atria to encourage socialization and collaboration.

Indeed, the entire circular campus is dedicated to the idea of creating a “holistic learning environment” – one in which public life is conducted literally in the center of five concentric rings of study and/or activities.