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Private Verdant Enclave on the Banks of the Miami River

Set in an expansive privately gated park, this one-of-a-kind, lush, riverfront enclosure offers proximity, security and privacy in the heart of Miami.

Led by principal Isabel Zempel, Sasaki specializes in master planning, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design and civil engineering. Her intelligence and vision both come alive at One River Point.

“Our goal was to achieve a transformative experience on entering the river park.”

— Isabel Zempel

“The experience will evoke quality, luxury and sophistication.  It will conjure the tropics and capture the essence of Miami…as well as creating an environment that expresses the distinctly riverside character of the setting.”

— Isabel Zempel

Miami’s history started here. This is where the Tequesta and Seminole tribes built their encampments, and the Spanish settlers their first trading posts and missions. Miami’s first millionaires built their mansions and hotels along the riverbank.

A linera, landscaped, sculpture park, framing the western aisle of the enclosure, blends art and nature in perfect harmony with the environment. These cultivated green spaces skillfully balance the lush tropical ambiance of South Florida with clean, uncluttered design. Natural stone paving fringed with native palm planters creates shady pockets of calm. Foliage tempers the gleaming glass façade by day, and jasmine scents the softly lit terraces by night. Water defines the environment and experience. The dramatic 85-foot cascade joins the reflecting pool below with infinity pool above, achieving perfect elemental harmony with the riverside setting. Stroll the Miami Riverwalk, a family friendly parkway connecting downtown with the bay.