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Condo Security Trends in 2016

Condo Security Trends in 2016

June 15, 2016

The world can be a scary place, and when you’re choosing where to live, you want a condo that takes your safety and security as seriously as you do.

Developers of luxury condos are tapping into ever-more-sophisticated approaches to protect their residents and their residents’ property. Those precautions, which tenants increasingly regard as a point of differentiation among upscale addresses, include the latest in video surveillance, biometric identification and high-end storage solutions.

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Trends in security staffing

condo security guard

As industries across the board beef up on-site security in virtually every business sector, training for security guards has grown more specialized.

Upscale apartment buildings look to hire guards who’ve received additional lessons in monitoring residential environments, who possess outstanding communication skills, who understand the need for discretion – and who can learn the names and faces of residents and their regular guests.

Simply placing an engaged guard (or even concierge) in the front lobby of a high-rise building can deter a great deal of criminal activity.

Trends in video security

trends in condo security video

Many upscale buildings are investing in enhanced CCTV systems that let all residents, not just staff members, access video feeds from a condo’s network of security cameras.

The result? A distribution of responsibility and feelings of empowerment, engagement and ownership throughout the building.

Furthermore, many condos are installing security systems in both the public and private areas of their buildings that allow tenants and staff to engage in real-time, two-way communication.

Trends in digital security

digital condo security

With data breaches on the rise everywhere, real-estate experts warn that cybersecurity is as much of a growing concern for those who manage condos as those who oversee other types of commercial buildings.

“Do you have a comprehensive strategy to protect customer identities, building data or organizational financial information?” asks

Smart real-estate developers are choosing to be proactive about safeguarding their tenants’ personal information.

Trends in biometric identification

condo security biometrics

The field of biometrics is rapidly expanding beyond recognition of thumbprints and irises.

A New Zealand firm, for example, provides systems that are programmed to recognize facial features, voices and even ways of moving and walking. These systems can even learn the looks and sounds of regular visitors to a high rise, like a mailman or delivery person, and allow them limited access to the building.

Like something out of a science fiction movie, these innovative systems also can “talk,” listen and understand simple requests like opening doors or forwarding calls.

Trends in secure storage

condo security wine cellar

The desire for the latest and greatest in condo storage is not just a matter of space, which is sometimes limited in even the most luxurious apartment, it’s a matter of safekeeping.

Developers of exclusive condominium buildings realize that their residents need and demand secure holding areas for their most precious belongings.

That’s why they build into their plans plenty of storage solutions for their most discerning residents: vaults for jewelry and furs, private wine cellars and climate-controlled storage for works of art (not to mention additional, easily accessible storage areas for bicycles, surfboards and kayaks).