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7 Striking Designs by Architect Rafael Viñoly

7 Striking Designs by Architect Rafael Viñoly

June 30, 2017

The name Rafael Viñoly is known around the globe. After all, the famed architect has designed prominent buildings in the U.S., Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East in a career that has spanned six decades.

Style, sophistication, elegance, luxury, quality… these are just a few of the many words that are often used to describe his designs. However, if you’ve been considering One River Point, then you’re already familiar with Viñoly’s breathtaking creations.

Born in Uruguay, Rafael Viñoly received a degree in architecture from the University of Buenos Aires and a Master of Architecture from the School of Architecture and Urbanism. He formed his first architectural firm in 1964 and grew it into one of South America’s largest. After moving to the U.S. in 1978, Rafael Viñoly lectured at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and, ultimately, formed Rafael Viñoly Architects in 1983.

Nearly 35 years later, the firm stands as one of the world’s most renowned and respected, and under the leadership of Rafael Viñoly is responsible for many of its most magnificent designs.

One River Point – along the waterfront in the heart of Miami – is one of Viñoly’s newest works, but there are others that have received tremendous international acclaim and that you should know about:

  1. Laguna Garzón Bridge – Maldonado, Uruguay

Laguna Garzón Bridge - Maldonado, Uruguay

Bridges don’t tend to be all that exciting, right? Sure, there are some that stand out because of their location, or history, or perhaps their creative appearance, but those are few and far between. However, when it comes to bridge design, Rafael Viñoly takes it to a whole other level.

Located in Laguna Garzón in Uruguay along the border of Maldonado and Rocha, this circular bridge not only features a unique look, it also increases the number of vehicles that can be on the bridge at one time while, simultaneously, also limiting their speed.

Rafael Viñoly has designed other bridges in the past, but this marvel in his native country is truly iconic, and precisely what the world has come to expect from this brilliant architect.

  1. Colección de Arte Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat – Buenos Aires

Colección de Arte Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat - Buenos Aires

When enlisted to design an art gallery to house the collection of Argentinian businesswoman and philanthropist Amalia Lacroze, who knew Rafael Viñoly would create his own work of art? Then again, those familiar with Viñoly’s work likely weren’t surprised.

The gallery, located in beautiful Buenos Aires, features a contemporary design while using the latest technological advances to ensure that all works – and visitors – receive optimal care.

Lacroze de Fortabat is in the historic Puerto Madero district, set along the waterfront and surrounded by revitalized brick warehouses and docks. The gallery has become a landmark for the city and offers a spectacular view of its skyline. A few of the gallery’s most notable features include an arced, glass roof; multiple levels; an open-air plaza; waterfront esplanade; and two exterior terraces.

  1. One River Point – Miami

One River Point – Miami

The skyline-defining statement of Miami’s riverside renaissance, One River Point is the embodiment of Rafael Viñoly’s concept “architecture as performance.”

Two symmetrical towers, connected by a glass skybridge 800 feet above the ground, One River Point will be an ultra-luxury condominium set on the Miami River and boast stunning views of the bay, Atlantic Ocean and downtown Miami.

To date, One River Point is the lone building in Miami for Rafael Viñoly, but it has elevated the bar for all existing and future designers. Long ago dubbed a “visionary,” with One River Point, Rafael Viñoly will certainly be making a statement in paradise with this residential resort.

  1. 20 Fenchurch Street – London

20 Fenchurch Street – London

There’s nothing conventional about this downtown London high-rise…it’s innovation at its finest!

A SkyGarden sits atop this 32-story commercial sensation, offering a 360-degree view of the city. Below is prime office space, a pair of restaurants, open-air terrace, and a spacious lobby. This building, completed by Rafael Viñoly and his team in 2014, offers generous public space, which now serves as inspiration for other architects in the city and around the world.

The sleek tower has a fanning look and organic curves, and it seamlessly blends the comfort and convenience of being inside, with the creativity and beauty of outdoor London.

Viñoly’s 20 Fenchurch Street is also one of the city’s leading green structures, producing electricity from a single source and emitting low carbon emissions.

  1. Samsung, Jung-no Tower – Seoul, South Korea

Samsung, Jung-no Tower - Seoul, South Korea

When Samsung was looking to redesign and revitalize its office space in Seoul, the global conglomerate turned to Rafael Viñoly. The result is the Samsung Jong-no Tower, a mixed-use triangle(ish)-shaped structure featuring a convex glass curtain wall, roof-top terraces, open-plan offices, a restaurant and bar, an open public plaza and below-ground concourse.

The Samsung, Jung-no Tower is set in downtown Seoul and has become quite the landmark in South Korea’s capital city. Circular stairwells and elevator tubes are located along the building’s corners and provide expansive views of Seoul’s downtown district and surrounding areas.

High atop the tower is “the cloud,” a two-story restaurant that serves not only some of the city’s finest fare, but also its most spectacular view. The restaurant has become an incredibly popular destination for the city’s residents and visitors, alike.

  1. World Cultural Center, World Trade Center Competition – New York City

World Cultural Center, World Trade Center Competition – New York City

How well-respected is Rafael Viñoly in the architectural industry? Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001 that destroyed the World Trade Center and took thousands of lives, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation brought in a design team led by Viñoly to create a new structure that would grace that hallowed ground.

Rafael Viñoly and the team designed two towers, which serve not only as a memorial (including a museum) but also spaces to be used for civic and educational purposes. In addition, there are public viewing platforms, a memorial plaza, a park and retail space.

Not unlike Rafael Viñoly’s creation at 20 Fenchurch, the World Cultural Center is incredibly energy-efficient, featuring wind turbines that generate electricity for most of the facility.

This project was of incredible importance for the City of New York – and the country and world as a whole, and his inclusion is a tremendous testament to the vision and talent of Rafael Viñoly.

  1. Mahler 4 Office Tower – Amsterdam

Mahler 4 Office Tower – Amsterdam

As part of a 2-million-square-foot mixed-used development in the Zuidas district, this Rafael Viñoly design incorporates glass and clear anodized aluminum fins from the ground to the roof. The reflective properties of these materials, paired with an external staircase and dynamic design almost create the sense that this building is truly in motion.

Office and retail space compose the majority of the building, while an enclosed (glass ceiling) two-story patio on the fourth and fifth floors are immensely popular with the building’s occupants.

The tower stands out in the revitalized urban district by combining spectacular style with first-class functionality. Rafael Viñoly was forced to work within stringent zoning codes, and did so masterfully – drawing three separate spaces into one remarkable structure.