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Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami

Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami

October 18, 2017

If you live in Miami, then you already know that our area is a true melting pot of diverse cultures. We get to enjoy this aspect of South Florida life in myriad ways.

In our entertainment.

In our holiday traditions.

And, of course, in our cuisine.

Perhaps the most popular adopted cuisine of Miami is Cuban cuisine. How do we know this? Because people who speak barely a lick of Spanish know what popular Cuban dishes such as arroz con pollo and frijoles negroes are (rice with chicken and black beans, respectively).

And now that you’ve decided to make One River Point your home, you also need to know where the best Cuban restaurants in Miami are.


Sergio's restaurant Not only is this multi-location Cuban restaurant the home to some of the best, and most authentic, cuisine you’ll find anywhere (we highly recommend the palomilla steak with a side of black beans and rice), but it also gives you a great place to enjoy the whole “Cuban experience.”

You know – lively discussions about politics and baseball … spirited games of dominoes … spontaneous dancing – with or without music and so much more. Created in 1975, Sergio’s continues to be one of Miami’s iconic Cuban eateries.

Sergio’s Cuban Kitchen & Bar has eight locations throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. 


Versailles restaurant If you bill yourself as “The World’s Most Famous Cuban Restaurant” – as Versailles does – then you better deliver the most delicious and authentic Cuban dishes this side of Havana. Well, this Little Havana mecca on Southwest Eighth Street (aka Calle Ocho) is invariably the first place that both locals and visitors think of when it comes to catering to Miami’s Cuban exile community.

In addition to offering its incomparable cuisine, Versailles has been the place most closely associated with Cuban-American politicians, activists and all who hold Cuban traditions near and dear to their heart.

Versailles is located at 3555 S.W. 8th Street in Miami. Call 305-444-0240.


enriquetas restaurant For the workday breakfast and lunch crowd that craves hearty, quick-serve Cuban food at an inexpensive price, nothing can beat this bustling traditional lunch counter/cafeteria spot in Wynwood.

All your favorites – Cuban sandwiches, media noches, pan con bistec, croquetas – are served fast and in generous portions. No doubt, you’ll be properly fueled to meet the rest of the day.

Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop is located at 186 N.E. 29 Street in Miami. Call 305-573-4681.


islas canarias restaurantEstablished in 1977 by husband and wife Raul and Amelia Garcia, this bastion of authentic Cuban cuisine in the heart of Kendall has been a multi-generational staple for Cuban families in Miami. The fresh ingredients are cooked to order – and every customer’s special preferences can not only be accommodated but are encouraged to be voiced.

From quinceañera parties to 50th-anniversary celebrations, this homey and inviting eatery has hosted them all – and will continue doing so for many years to come.

Islas Canarias Restaurant is located at 13695 S.W. 26 St. in Miami. Call 305-559-6666.


EL EXQUISITO restaurant Located on the famed Calle Ocho in the heart of Little Havana, this traditional Cuban restaurant was opened by Heliodoro Coro in 1974 and has been drawing huge numbers of enthusiastic patrons ever since. Considering that it sits right next to the Tower Theater, is it any wonder that El Exquisito has been the favored spot for “dinner-and-a-movie” outings since the mid-‘70s? However, if you’d rather Netflix and chill but still have a hankering for their delicious fare (we highly recommend the churrasco, ropa vieja and pan con lechon!) – no problem. They deliver.

El Exquisito Restaurant is located at 1510 S.W. 8th Street in Miami. Call 305-643-0227.

While dining on the South’s most “exquisto” Cuban fare is worth living in Miami alone, so is doing it right. Check out Miami’s new standard in luxury condominiums, One River Point.