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From Miami to Palm Beach: Interior Designer Remi Tessier Knows Elegance

From Miami to Palm Beach: Interior Designer Remi Tessier Knows Elegance

June 30, 2017

If there’s one thing that upscale homeowners in South Florida expect – in addition to amazing views and a myriad of on-site amenities – it’s that the interior of their residences matches (and in some cases even exceeds!) their glorious outdoor surroundings.

And when folks who appreciate the finer things in life want to create the ULTIMATE interior design, there’s only one name at the top of their list: the incomparable Remi Tessier. This internationally renowned, award-winning, Paris-based designer – whose talents will help make One River Point the most exclusive and coveted address in Miami – has created a vast array of utterly bespoke spaces for clients all over the world – everything from mansions and penthouses to yachts and airplanes.

Let’s take a quick peek at just a few of his incredible creations.

Palm BeachIn the living room of this 24,000-square-foot waterfront manse in Palm Beach, Tessier incorporates a soft color palette with plush furniture, a contemporary fireplace, minimalist artwork, a designer coffee table and a grand entrance to create a gathering space perfect for intimate conversation.

What Tessier did here was bring the space into the 21st century – while maintaining its original Palm Beach charm, making it an ideal room in which to entertain – or snuggle by the fire.

guest bedroom In a guest bedroom of the same house, Tessier’s soothing touch turned the room into a retreat worthy of a five-star hotel.

A retractable TV at the foot of the bed gives occupants options. The clean lines on the plush furniture are offset by the curved coffee table.

He opted for modern art on the north-south walls, but went for a more whimsical piece on wall leading to the balcony – to let those who were going on to the balcony know that it was time to let their hair down and have some fun in the sun.

When a house has two kitchens – one “professional,” the other “family” – a designer gets to play with different ambiances. In this “family” kitchen – where Tessier’s clients enjoy casual weekday breakfast and leisurely weekend brunches – the Parisian artisan opted for a linear design, but softened the aesthetic with inviting materials and earth-toned colors.

kitchenIf the kitchen truly is the heart of the home, then this family space is beating with love – thanks to Tessier’s flawless design instincts.

Whether it be on land or at sea – as it is in the case of this multimillion-dollar private yacht – Tessier places a premium on form and function, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

multimillion-dollar private yacht

This dining/party space is a great example, with nothing obstructing his clients’ water views, which they can enjoy while seated in rounded, futuristic chairs. The combination of metals and wood flooring creates a sense of warm yet modern luxury – a Tessier specialty.

For clients who own their own planes, Tessier understands the need for multi-functionality.

jet interior design

Maybe they’ll want to rest. Or do business. Or entertain. Perhaps all three! Whatever their needs – be it a half-hour hop from city to city or a transcontinental flight 10 time zones away, Tessier’s attention to every detail has produced a multi-purpose cabin that is the very essence of refined luxury.